Incorporated at the end of 2020 in the midst of the COVID pandemic, V&A USA was created to manage and expand the activities of Vento & Associati in North America.
In addition to managing the activities of Vento & Associati that need direct support in North America, V&A USA wants to expand its areas of intervention both to organizations and companies that already operate in North America, but also to act as a collector for organizations and companies that need an intervention in Italy or in Europe; a real bridge between the two sides of the Atlantic.

V&A USA specializes in:

V&A USA has an institutional and corporate network in North America that allows immediate operational feedback for activities and events.

V&A USA proposes itself as a leading player in the strategic communication of Italian “soft power” in North America having identified a series of guidelines and sectors of activity such as:

With a deep knowledge of the United Nations system, V&A USA can strategize the access to UN – ECOSOC for a broader leverage in the SDGs achievements by its clients. V&A USA has developed a specific knowledge in the following areas: gender inclusion; inter Inclusion of ageing; women empowerment; sustainability; green economy and blue economy.

Among the most important activities, currently, V&A USA actively follows the activities of several nonprofit organizations, in the search for partnerships with partners from the private sector and the large American foundations with which V&A USA has longstanding working relationships.

V&A USA has also acquired a specific knowledge to organize cultural events in North America, in collaborating with the most suitable locations for different types of events: conference rooms, museums, exhibition spaces, venues for musical performances and other performing arts.

V&A USA is managed by Francesco Fadda who has over twenty years of experience in the US in the fields of strategic communication, marketing, large scale event organizations, and public affairs.